Recruitment for industrial companies - Temporary Work & Subcontractors

As part of our personnel services, we place qualified personnel for industrial companies. Thanks to our decades of experience in this field, we have an excellent network in the industry. Numerous large corporations and medium-sized companies from all over Europe are already our satisfied customers.

We, experienced personnel service provider in the industrial sector, provide qualified personnel from Eastern Europe for mechanical engineering, pipeline construction, machine relocation, steel construction, industrial electrics and EMSR technology up to automation, conveyor system and process technology. We provide certified welders, locksmiths, electricians as well as production assistants, production workers, production workers. Our subcontractors supply well-equipped and well-rehearsed teams in various sizes.

industry workers from turkey

Machinery & Plant engineering

We are specialized in personnel placement for industry. We provide qualified professionals & production workerssubcontractors & temporary workers from PolandCzech RepublicCroatiaHungary for industry & plant construction.

Machine relocation

You want to relocate your production to another site and are looking for an experienced team for the machine relocation? With Temporary Work International you can relocate your production facilities quickly and successfully. We provide qualified personnel from Eastern Europesubcontractors and temporary workers for:

Industrial equipment manufacturing
production logistics

Production logistics

We provide experienced subcontractors and temporary workers for the secondary processes of production logistics. Our range of services includes:

Steel construction

Our experienced steel constructors from Eastern Europe build medium and large steel structures or assemblies and manufacture steel and sheet metal products. Qualified designers from PolandCzech RepublicRomania speak German us can implement according to your specifications.

personnel for steel construction

Pipeline construction

As a personnel service provider for energy suppliers, industry, private and municipal clients, we, Zeitarbeit International, provide qualified pipeline construction personnel from Eastern Europe for complete services in the construction of pipeline systems for gas, water, district and local heating supply.


We provide only certified temporary workers and subcontractors locksmiths from Eastern Europe for staircase assembly and steel structures. Our temporary workers locksmiths from PolandCzech RepublicRomania, Croatia are well equipped, have German language skills and could be on site in 7 working days.

locksmith from turkey
welders from eastern europe


We provide certified TIG welders, MIG / MAG welders and electric welders from Eastern Europe. Our subcontractor welders from PolandCzech RepublicCroatiaHungary are well equipped, speak German and can be ready for work in Germany in 7 working days.


We provide experienced temporary workers & subcontractors electricians from Eastern Europe as well as assembly teams from electrical and cable engineering, switchboard builders and industrial electricians. We provide independent working industrial electricians as well as electrician assistants for your project. Our certified electricians from Eastern Europe have already worked in Germany and could be ready to work within 7 working days.

Electricians from eastern europe
Heating engineer from Eastern Europe


We provide you with the certified specialists as well as auxiliary employees from the fields of heating-sanitary for building installations, fine installations or maintenance work. Our temporary workers and subcontractors are well equipped, have German language skills and could be ready to work in Germany in as little as 7 working days.

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