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Zeitarbeit International is a recruitment company specializing in the supply of temporary workers from the Czech RepublicCroatiaPoland and temporary employment from Eastern Europe.
The biggest advantage of temporary employment for our German clients is that we respect all rights and obligations towards the workers from abroad and take care of the whole necessary process from selection to recruitment and temporary employment. We base our work on existing laws and regulations that govern temporary employment in Germany.

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Temporary Work Czech Republic - Skilled & Auxiliary Staff Placement from Eastern Europe

Temporary work Czech Republic is very popular in Germany. Temporary workers from the Czech Republic as well as from other European countries are a proven way to fulfill orders in Germany. The commercial supply of temporary workers is subject to authorization in Germany. Hiring companies from EU countries need a German permit according to the German Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG), as well as other permits.

Temporary employment from the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe is in great demand in Germany due to a shortage of skilled workers. We cooperate with temporary employment agencies in the Czech Republic, CroatiaPolandLatviaLithuania to promote the search for skilled workers for German companies.

We place welders, locksmiths, electricians, production workers from the Czech Republic, logistics employees, forwarding agents as well as craftsmen, construction workers, painters, roofers, mechanical engineers, seasonal workers from the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe.

With temporary work from the Czech Republic you can help yourself with planned projects, you can reduce your costs, because Czech workers are cheaper than German workers. Contact us. We will help you quickly and efficiently to find the missing workers from the Czech Republic.

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Zeitarbeit International has been supporting German companies in the field of personnel leasing and employee leasing for 20 years and offers individual personnel solutions for the areas of industry, production, logistics and construction.

It is difficult for German companies to organize employee leasing in the Czech Republic on their own. Many laws and legal regulations must be observed. In case of violations of the laws, with an employee leasing Czech Republic, threaten high penalties. Also regulations with the vacation and remuneration must be kept. We at Zeitarbeit International are here to help you.
We provide temporary workers from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, craftsmen from Poland, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, temporary work Turkey as well as Ukraine under consideration of rules and laws. You put your personnel requirements to the Czech workers and we search for you in our network for suitable workers from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia or other Eastern European countries.

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We provide your company with Czech skilled & unskilled workers from various industries:

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Advantages of temporary work from the Czech Republic

Temporary work from the Czech Republic is a good solution to cover the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Temporary work gives you the opportunity to adapt your company to the constant changes in the market and brings some advantages:

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We are your strong partner in the areas of subcontractor placement, personnel placement, employee leasing, temporary employment from the Czech Republic & Eastern Europe. We offer you cost-complete package and take care of the complete processing. Our personnel placement runs according to your requirements in compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organization and administration tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

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