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With personnel Eliminate shortage of skilled workers from abroad!

Do you urgently need qualified medical staff for your clinics, retirement homes and social institutions? Or are you looking for Polish nursing staff, 24 hour senior care from home? With us as a personnel service provider, you will quickly find suitable medical specialists and assistants as well as nursing staff from Poland and Eastern Europe. Use our staffing agency and find the required medical personnel for your work area in the shortest possible time – it is easier than you think!

We provide accredited doctors, nurses as well as nursing staff from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania. Ask without obligation. Our workers speak German and can be at the place of work within 7 days.

We provide medical staff for clinics, retirement homes, inpatient and social institutions, 24 hour nursing staff

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Doctors & Nurses from Poland & Eastern Europe

Medical staffing agency is one of the best options for clinics and social institutions that are looking for qualified and reliable staff. Due to shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many clinics depend on the doctors and nurses from abroad. Most of the specialists & nurses come from Poland.

Polish nurses & doctors are known for their professionalism, excellent language skills. As well as for their willingness to fit into new societies. Since Polish nurses & professionals usually already have experience and training, they can be integrated quickly. This saves time and costs in training. In addition, these employees are highly motivated and thus offer additional value to the company.

Through our years of experience in staffing, we know the preferences of our workers and where we can best place them. Our clients appreciate our effectiveness, transparency and service.

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Recruitment or secondment - what to consider!

As an employer, you would like to hire medical professionals or nursing staff from Poland and Eastern Europe? Then it is important to know what you need to consider when recruiting and seconding staff.

Your advantages:

Time & cost saving

We provide certified doctors, nurses, nurse from Poland & Eastern Europe with high professional qualifications at the best price-performance ratio. We also cover costs for accommodation, meals, travel, separation allowances.

Legally compliant mediation

We provide only personnel from Eastern Europe with permits, impeccable references as well as certificates of no objection Our contracts are legally compliant and secure

German workers

Our skilled & auxiliary staff speak sufficiently good German, as they have already worked in Germany. They can be at the place of work within 7 days.

Recruitment procedure

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About us

Zeitarbeit International is the leading recruitment agency in the German-speaking region. As an experienced recruiter, we know the needs of clinics, retirement homes and social institutions. Through our close cooperation with various networks in Eastern Europe, we can always provide you with the right personnel for your institution.

We take care of the entire process: personnel recruitment, organization, permits, transport and accommodation on site.

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Our personnel services

As a professional recruitment agency, we help you find the right medical professionals from Eastern Europe. Thanks to our large network we can quickly meet your requirements for the new team member. We, Zeitarbeit International help you to find the right professionals & motivated auxiliary staff from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria quickly and easily. Our services include organization and administration tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

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