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A photovoltaic system is the investment in the future – both for you personally and for our planet. But how do you go about planning and implementing a photovoltaic system? Which factors have to be considered? How much does a photovoltaic system cost? How do you find the right photovoltaic company to plan and install your system? We, experienced personnel service provider, with our skilled personnel from Eastern Europe are available to support and advise you! More about us >>>

Why photovoltaic systems?

Photovoltaic systems are an interesting alternative to conventional energy systems. They are based on the conversion of light into electricity and can therefore be used primarily in areas with good solar irradiation. In addition, photovoltaic systems have a significantly higher energy yield than conventional energy systems. They are a unique way of generating energy and can therefore be used for many different purposes:

Advantages of photovoltaic systems

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Photovoltaic system cost

The cost of a photovoltaic system consists of the cost of the solar modules, the inverter, the mounting kit and possibly also the battery kit.

The amount of the costs depends strongly on the size of the plant and the location. In Germany, the costs for a 1 kW system are around 3,000 euros. For self-sufficient systems, the costs for the battery set are added, so that a total of about 5,000 euros is due here.

Photovoltaic costs

Planning of a photovoltaic system - What do you have to pay attention to?

The planning of a photovoltaic plant is an important factor for the success of the plant. There are various aspects that must be taken into account during planning to ensure that the plant functions optimally.

Photovoltaic installation by an expert on site

Photovoltaic installation by an expert on siteIt is important to initiate a professional installation for your photovoltaic system by a photovoltaic specialist company. Our qualified specialist companies from Eastern Europe with their experience in the field of solar installation are ideal for this. Are you planning a photovoltaic system? Then you are right with us! Our technicians from Eastern Europe first work out a concept for the photovoltaic system and check the technical requirements. Based on this information, they can make concrete recommendations and give you, the customer, the best advice.

Because a professional planning and installation by experts on site is important for an efficient use of a photovoltaic system. This is the only way to ensure that all components function properly and that there is no danger – to people or even to the environment!

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The search for an expert photovoltaic specialist company is an important step in the planning of your photovoltaic system. Only by working with an experienced and competent specialist company can you ensure that your system is optimally planned and installed. With us as your partner, you will quickly find a suitable photovoltaic specialist company for the implementation of your photovoltaic system.

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For small and large projects we provide skilled personnel from Eastern Europe, temporary workers and subcontractors for the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems:

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Subcontractors and temporary workers, workers from Eastern Europe represent an effective means to meet the need for skilled and unskilled workers. We, Zeitarbeit International help you to find the right skilled workers & motivated auxiliary workers from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria fast and uncomplicated. Our services include organization and administration tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

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