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Are you looking for production assistants or manufacturing workers? We recruit motivated and productive workers from Poland, Baltic States, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or Ukraine. Our temporary production workers from Eastern Europe are helpful, careful and disciplined. With us you can easily and safely find production workers & manufacturing employees. We provide qualified personnel for industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, steel construction, industrial assembly & plant engineering, logistics & production. With us as your partner you will get fast solutions for personnel shortages. We provide production & manufacturing personnel from Eastern Europe such as fillers, assembly line workers, pickers, packing assistants, production assistants, inspectors. We also place personnel for production logistics: for the receipt of raw materials and supplier products, intermediate storage and clock-precise production supply and disposal up to the packaging of the finished product. With the help of temporary staffing in production & manufacturing you can quickly and easily find the necessary workers from Eastern Europe and successfully implement your project on time.

Berlin, Germany - June 08, 2012: quality control of finished assembly of motorhomes / camper vans in the production line in a factory

Production Employee

Our production workers from Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, etc. are hardworking production assistants in German factories and plants in the manufacture of products, loading machines or transporting goods, as well as in quality control. They work on product manufacturing, in transport, in assembly or in the warehouse.

Assembly line worker

We place hardworking assembly line workers Eastern Europe for work on the assembly line in the metal industry, mechanical engineering, food industry, factories, textile industry, in product assembly and manufacturing.

assembly line worker


We provide hardworking fillers from Eastern Europe for beverage and food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, plastic industry for filling and packaging plants. The filler takes care of professional filling of food, beverages, cosmetics or chemicals, as well as the setup, operation and monitoring of the machines required for this.


Our workers from Eastern Europe take over the compilation of vendor parts for industry and other components for your production order. In addition to the actual picking or sequencing, this also includes labeling, scanning and, if necessary, packaging.
Our order pickers from Eastern Europe are also used in warehousing and product shipping, such as in the furniture, textile, electrical or metal sector. The main tasks of an order picker include ensuring the smooth flow of materials and goods. They are responsible for packing and shipping products from an order.
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Production helper for the automotive industry

Our production employees from Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia etc. have production experience in the automotive industry, flexibility, ability to work under pressure, good knowledge of German and are used in the following areas:

Production logistics

Logistics is a matter of organization & experience. Through years of cooperation with industrial companies in Germany, we have built a pool of qualified workers, subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe, specialized in transport, sorting, the collection and storage of materials, components, parts, containers.
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production logistics
Subcontractors from abroad

Production workers from Poland & Eastern Europe

Our production assistants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and the Baltic States usually work alongside experienced colleagues. They are responsible for machine and manual finishing of products. They take over:

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Internation Recruiting of production workers (manufacturing) - we recruit employee from Eastern Europe:

We, Zeitarbeit International, are your experienced personnel service provider when it comes to the placement of production workers from Eastern Europe. We are looking for motivated and dedicated German-speaking production assistants, production workers, manufacturing employees. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, more and more factories and companies use the production worker placement, where workers are recruited from Eastern Europe. We offer companies staffing services for production & manufacturing such as fillers, production workers, assembly line workers, pickers, inspectors, packing helpers, production helpers and production managers. For assembly line work, production line quality control, packing, sorting, scanning to general helper work.

Production & manufacturing staff for temporary jobs with personnel from abroad. You can request production & manufacturing staff at short notice. We provide reliable the right temporary workers from Eastern Europe.

Production & manufacturing personnel for long-term jobs. As a personnel service provider, we also provide you directly for the open positions the suitable workers from Eastern Europe from various industries.

Subcontractors from Eastern Europe give clients in Germany the opportunity to complete their projects on time and without delay. We provide subcontractors for the work in industry, construction, production, logistics.

This is how the international recruitment works

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