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Do you as a German company want to get workers from Turkey? You are looking for Temporary workers or subcontractors? The economic importance of temporary workers & subcontractors from EU countries is constantly increasing. There are several reasons why German and international companies are looking for workers from other European countries. Turkish nationals can take up employment in Germany and benefit from special provisions under residence law. Although they are considered third country nationals, they acquire a right of residence if they fulfill the requirements of the EEC-Turkey Association Agreement.

Advantages of temporary work from Turkey

Temporary work – also referred to as employee leasing or temporary employment – has boomed in most Eastern European countries such as TurkeyPoland, the Czech RepublicSlovakia, in recent years. Due to the flexible use of labor, the hirer can increase the number of workers (in the short term). For example, production peaks or a seasonal increase in workload can be managed without a long-term commitment to employees. In this way, risks associated with employee ratios can be avoided.

We provide workers from Turkey

Do you want to bring workers from Turkey? We provide German employers with reliable and motivated workers from TurkeyPolandCzech Republic and other EU countries for the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineeringmetalwork, construction, heating & plumbing or industry. With qualified temporary staffing and subcontractors from Turkey, German companies can solve your staffing problem.

As an experienced recruiter Eastern Europe, we offer you motivated craftsmen as subcontractors locksmiths, welders, electricians for industrial installations, fitters, solar technicians or skilled workers in mechanical and plant engineering for industry. Get workers from Turkey quickly and easily now! Ask for workers from Turkey or Eastern Europe by inquiry form or by phone: +49 15207942568

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Requirements for Turkish employees

Turkish workers can take up employment in the EU and benefit from special provisions under residence law. As third-country nationals, however, they acquire a right of residence and can work in Germany. Turkish temporary workers and subcontractors from EU countries give clients in Germany the opportunity to complete their projects on time and without delay. Whether in the construction sector, production, logistics or industry, – everywhere many projects suffer from a shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, the demand for Turkish temporary workers & subcontractors is increasing.

According to the Association Agreement, a right of residence arises when a Turkish worker is properly employed in the regular German labor market. There are the following legal requirements:

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We provide temporary workers and subcontractors from Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovakia. Trust our experience in labor placement.

Employment of Turkish workers with a contract for work and services

Workers from Turkey can be employed in Germany for a limited period of time under fixed employment quotas, to execute work contracts between their employer and a German company for a limited period of time in Germany.

Every temporary worker or subcontractor from Turkey employed in Germany needs a valid residence title together with a work contract employee card. The residence title must be applied for at the German representation in the home country.

Employment as a temporary worker

The residence permit does not apply to work as a temporary worker.

The hiring and employment of foreigners
without a permit violate the law
regulating the hiring out of employees. If it turns out during an inspection that during the actual execution of the contract for work and services, the employees of the foreign company (contractor) are provided to the client for work performance, all parties involved must expect criminal sanctions.

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