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Are you looking for a way to optimize the use of electronics engineers for automation technology in your company? We present you the different options – from personnel placement to temporary employment to project-specific solutions.

We provide experienced and qualified electronics engineers for automation technology from Poland and Eastern Europe for planning, installation and maintenance of electronic control systems but also for maintenance and repair of defective systems. Zeitarbeit International is specialized in subcontractor placement and temporary employment from Eastern Europe. Thanks to our large network abroad, we place electronic technicians, electricians, cable technicians from PolandCroatiaHungaryCzech RepublicUkraineLatvia and other Eastern European countries. Our subcontracted electricians are employed on a work contract basis and could be ready to work in Germany in as little as 7 working days.

Become our partner and benefit from our Europe-wide network and our long experience with local country requirements and laws.

Tasks of electronics technicians for automation technology

Our temporary workers and subcontractors electronics engineers for automation technology from Poland and Eastern Europe have a varied work environment and are used for different tasks:

electronics technician

Subcontractor electronics technician

Subcontractingis a flexible freelance solution in which the subcontractor from Poland and Eastern Europe provides the company with independently offered services. Subcontractor electrical engineer thus acts as a contractor of the client company. Invoicing is usually done on a project basis and the costs are paid directly to the subcontractor. The advantage here is that you do not have a tax deduction and you therefore earn more money than with temporary employment.

We provide qualified subcontractors electronics engineers for automation technology but also electricians, cable technicians from Eastern Europe. Our subcontractors provide us with high quality teams of PolishCroatianHungarianUkrainian workers of different sizes. Rely on our subcontractors electricians from Eastern Europe!

employee leasing

Temporary worker electronics technician

Temporary employment is a form of employment agency. We cooperate with temporary employment agencies in Eastern Europe and provide our customers in Germany with employees from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.. Invoicing is usually done on an hourly basis and the costs are paid directly to the temporary employment agency. The advantage is that you do not have to go into full-time employment and you can flexibly adapt to project-dependent requirements.

We are your partner for motivated electronics engineers from Eastern Europe

If you are looking for subcontractors or temporary workers in the field of electronics, electrics or electrical engineering, then we are sure to have the right Polish electronics engineers for automation technology, industrial engineering or building services engineering for your subcontracting order in our network. For your personnel needs, we offer individual solutions through employee leasingcontracts for work and services, personnel placement or secondment of workers from Eastern Europe.

With personnel from Eastern Europe you remain flexible. We have contacts to potential employers and employees in Germany and Eastern Europe and can quickly and easily provide you with temporary workers or subcontractors electronics engineers for automation technology. Make a non-binding personnel inquiry and become our partner!

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We mediate the best, German-speaking electrical engineers, electricians, cable technicians from Eastern Europe for your project. We mediate individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organization and administration tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

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