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Increasing cost efficiency, combating inflation and mitigating IT resource shortage through implementing a geographically diverse IT strategy is the only way to stay competitive. But only IF done right. Our expertise in ODCs and international IT teams can help you fine-tune thousand nuances to achieve these gains, minimize headaches and setup pleasant, professional, high-performing business structure for years ahead.

For over 25 years, we’ve empowered businesses through technology. Our expertise lies in digital transformation, software development, using our worldwide IT consultancy. 

Unleash Your IT Potential by establishing strategically located Offshore Development/Delivery Centers (ODCs) staffed with top IT talent and backed by exceptional professional services. Leverage our experience to enhance your IT capabilities and ensure reliable, high-quality delivery with the support of our global network. We specialize in building and securing high-performing teams, ensuring efficient delivery.

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We provide you with IT specialists, using our worldwide IT consultancy

We are a leading IT consultancy & resource management company, established in Vietnam and Indonesia, with a strong global presence.  Our reach extends to key markets across Austria, Central Europe, and Asia, enabling us to offer a comprehensive international perspective to address your business challenges.

Our Services

Talent Acquisition

Gain access to a vast pool of skilled and qualified IT professionals with diverse skillsets and the ability to work seamlessly across time zones.

Technical Expertise

Tap into specific technical knowledge sets that align with your needs.

Cost Optimization

Leverage the cost benefits associated with these dynamic markets.

Cultural Awareness

Our team fosters a collaborative environment that respects different cultures and working styles.

Comprehensive Support

We provide unparalleled support throughout the ODC lifecycle. Expert Consultancy, Team Training, Nearshore Management, Security, etc.

Legal Support

The cooperation is GDPR compliant and built on bullet-proof legal framework to ensure confidentiality and intellectual property protection and transfer.

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Zeitarbeit International is the leading IT recruitment agency. As an experienced recruiter, we know the needs of IT companies. Through our close cooperation with various networks in Eastern Europe and Asia, we can always provide you with the right IT experts for your company.

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A Global ICT Powerhouse!
Rapid growth, government initiatives, and a thriving IT ecosystem propel Vietnam into the global ICT spotlight.


A Rising Digital Star
Indonesia is rapidly emerging as a global digital economy influencer, with significant growth and government initiatives driving its success.

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