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Workers from Slovenia wanted? We provide temporary workers & subcontractors

The economic importance of temporary workers & subcontractors from EU countries is constantly increasing. There are several reasons why German companies are looking for workers from other European countries. We quickly and successfully provide you with Slovenian temporary workers, subcontractors from trade, industry and production. Whether painters, electricians, locksmiths, production workers or craftsmen from Slovenia, – we are available for large and small projects on time.

Why workers from Slovenia?

Temporary workers and subcontractors from Slovenia are very popular in Germany. Especially in gastronomy, production and logistics, diligent production workers, assembly line workers, fillers, order pickers as well as auxiliary workers from Slovenia and Eastern Europe are sought.

The reasons are different. One is due to lower labor costs. The labor cost level in Slovenia is lower than in Germany and Austria. Furthermore, geographical location plays a major role. Slovenia borders with Austria in the north and is only a few hundred kilometers away from Germany. Therefore, the workers from Slovenia can be in Germany within a short time. Temporary workers and subcontractors from Slovenia placed by us can be ready for work within 7 days.

Furthermore, workers from Slovenia have a good reputation in Germany and Austria as flexible, hardworking and reliable workers. They are readily employed in German companies.

Are you looking for highly qualified and efficient skilled workers or diligent helpers? We guarantee a smooth process and coordinate the personnel placement – we take care of all necessary paperwork and a legally binding contract for all parties involved!

Slovenia work permit for Germany

Employees from PolandHungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia, as well as from three Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, can now work throughout Europe without a work permit.

On May 1, 2004, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech RepublicSlovakiaHungaryLatviaLithuania, Estonia, Malta joined the European Union. However, there are restrictions on the free movement of workers for citizens from the East-Central European accession states.

Citizens from Slovenia can move freely throughout the EU territory without a passport or visa.

Workers from Slovenia can work for German companies as temporary workers or subcontractors for a limited period of time. They can be employed permanently only if the companies can prove that there are no suitable candidates available from their own country. Workers from Slovenia must be registered by the employer.

Are you looking for temporary workers or subcontractors from Slovenia or Eastern Europe? We are at your disposal with our pool of workers from Eastern Europe and provide you with the necessary workers quickly and reliably.

Are you looking for workers from Slovenia or Eastern Europe?

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We provide personnel, temporary workers and subcontractors from Slovenia, personnel from Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine. Trust our experience in manpower placement.

A1 certificate Slovenia

The A1 certificate is required by Slovenian workers for assignments to a member state of the European Union (EU), to a contracting state of the European Economic Area (EEA) or to Switzerland.

The Certificate A1 proves that the worker from Slovenia is covered by social insurance through his home country when working in Germany. Thus, he does not have to pay double social security contributions.

The certificate A1 is ordered by employers through the electronic application procedure for their employees from Slovenia.

Posting from Slovenia

When sending employees from Slovenia to Germany, an employment contract must be concluded. The employment contract on the basis of which the employee is posted must contain provisions on the following areas:

This is how the placement of workers from Slovenia works:

We support you in all questions and matters concerning the assignment of personnel from Slovenia to Germany.

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