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Fitters for heating & plumbing

For many years, international temporary employment has become more and more important on the German market. You will be offered craftsmen from Poland, tilers, production assistants or forklift drivers but also fitters for heating and sanitary as temporary staff from Poland and Eastern Europe. But also whole sanitary teams with experience on the German labor market can be borrowed in the context of employee leasing or a work contract. Whether in new construction, renovation, house building or in industry, we are the right contact for qualified heating engineers & sanitary fitters in temporary employment from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Our temporary workers for sanitary and heating come with their own vehicles and the necessary tools equipped to the place of work. Thus we, as a temporary employment agency, can guarantee our customers the complete service for the completion of their HVAC work. Whether our heating engineers are building a boiler house, our electricians are installing light in a commercial building, or our plumbing technicians are performing maintenance and repair of plumbing systems, our goal is total customer satisfaction.

Our heating and plumbing fitters are on the road all year round on various construction sites and are therefore familiar with the latest technologies. That is why you can trust our specialists from Poland and Eastern Europe. No matter if you want to plan sanitary installations or carry out maintenance of air handling units and valves,- we provide the suitable temporary workers for heating and sanitary.

Heating & plumbing temporary workers and subcontractors

We place trained plant mechanics – SHK, heating and ventilation engineers as well as gas and water installers with successfully completed training and professional experience. Our temporary workers and subcontractors are responsible, careful, team players and bring an independent approach to work, communication skills and enjoy the work. Our installers plumbing, heating and air conditioning are used for the following work:

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We from Zeitarbeit International

With over 20 years of experience in temporary staffing, subcontracting, recruitment and outsourcing to Eastern Europe.

Heating engineer from Eastern Europe

Our personnel from Eastern Europe

Temporary workers and subcontractors for heating, ventilation and plumbing, fitters and heating engineers from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Industrial assembly

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We provide skilled and unskilled personnel for industry, industrial assembly, production, logistics, automotive, etc.