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You are looking for experienced solar fitters, electricians or solar technicians for the installation of your solar system? We, from Zeitarbeit International, have years of experience in personnel placement and temporary employment for companies in Germany. We are specialized in the field of photovoltaic systems and solar technology and provide photovoltaic companies as well as solar installers, electricians from Eastern Europe. Our subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, Baltic States, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia support you in the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems.

Solar installers wanted? We will find you experienced subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or Ukraine. Our subcontractor teams are experienced, competent, speak German and have the necessary equipment.

The advantages of solar installers from Eastern Europe

There are many advantages that solar installers or solar technicians from Eastern Europe bring with them. One of them is the fact that they are usually very well trained. Secondly, they are usually very motivated, which means that they do their job very well. Another advantage is that solar installers from Eastern Europe are usually very flexible. This means that they can adapt to the working conditions in Germany and thus do a good job. All in all, it can be said that solar installers from Eastern Europe are very versatile and can do a good job.

1. Solar installers from Eastern Europe offer higher quality at lower cost

Solar installers from Eastern Europe are an excellent choice when it comes to meeting your solar needs. Their technical understanding and ability to solve complex problems make them ideal candidates to install your solar system. Many companies in Eastern Europe have an excellent reputation for quality solar installations. Solar electricians from Eastern Europe not only offer higher quality than their Western counterparts, but also much more affordable prices. It is no secret that the cost of solar installations in many Western countries is very high. However, this is different in Eastern Europe, where there are many qualified solar installers ready to offer you a much better price. So you can expect to save a lot of money when buying your solar installation in Eastern Europe.

2. Better readability and comprehensibility of the installation instructions.

Solar installers from Eastern Europe, temporary workers or subcontractors electricians, solar technicians have excellent writing skills. They are good at writing technical manuscripts and reading and understanding installation instructions carefully. This means that you can always be sure that your solar project will be installed as it should – without unnecessary delays or mistakes.

3. Solar technicians from Eastern Europe are competent, motivated & experienced

Solar installers from other EU countries are competent and motivated. In addition, they have years of experience in the installation of photovoltaic systems and use this experience to install your solar generator as efficiently as possible. By using solar installers from Eastern Europe, you will not only save money, but also time. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we can quickly and easily provide competent and experienced installers as temporary workers and subcontractors. They come directly to you and help you with the planning and installation of your system.

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We, Temporary Employment International, have over 20 years of experience in personnel management on the European market. With us you get qualified professionals as well as hardworking helpers for industry, assembly production, logistics, mechanical engineering, automotive industry. We provide subcontractors and temporary workers, workers from Eastern Europe for assembly services, industrial services, plant engineering, etc.

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