Subcontractor electrician

Wir vermitteln Subunternehmer Elektriker, Elektrotechniker, Elektroinstallateur aus Osteuropa

Electrician, Electrical Technician, Electrical Installer - Subcontractors from Eastern Europe

Working with a subcontractor electrician, electrical installer or electrical engineer from Eastern Europe can prove helpful for companies. This is especially the case when there is a lack of time or resources. A subcontractor can fill these gaps and complete the necessary work. Another benefit of working with a subcontractor electrician is the cost savings. By using subcontractors, companies can reduce their costs by not having to spend money on providing certain services themselves.

We, Zeitarbeit International, specialize in subcontractor placement from Eastern Europe. We provide experienced electricians and cable technicians, electricians from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Latvia and other Eastern European countries. Our subcontracted electricians are employed on a work contract basis and could be ready to work in Germany in as little as 7 business days. No matter if you are looking for workers for electrical assembly, electrical installations or electricians for  Photovoltaic systems – for every need we have qualified and certified subcontractors from Eastern Europe .More about us >>>

Advantages of a subcontractor electrician

There are many reasons why business owners choose to use subcontractors from Eastern Europe for electrical installations. Some of the most important advantages are:

1. Cost saving

Subcontracted electricians from Eastern Europe often offer better value for money than regular employees, as they are not insured by companies and do not have to pay social security contributions and taxes. In this way, companies can save money and increase their profits.

2. Flexibility

With a subcontracted electrician, companies can have flexible work schedules, which is especially beneficial during times of volatile demand.

3. Focus on the core area of the company

As subcontracted electricians from Eastern Europe are hired for specific tasks, the company’s management can focus on its core competence and pay more attention to the rest of the business process, increasing efficiency.

4. Special knowledge

Subcontractors from Eastern Europe often have a wide range of knowledge in their respective field due to their experience and can thus work faster and more efficiently than regular employees of the company.

5. Competence quality

Subcontracted electrical engineers from Eastern Europe usually bring a lot of experience and are very qualified, which ensures a higher quality standard than is possible with regular employees. This is especially important for companies that have to meet high quality standards.

Rights of subcontractors from Eastern Europe

The subcontractor from Eastern Europe is an independent contractor working for another company. Although he works for another company, he still has his own rights. He should not be deprived of these when working. The rights of the subcontractor include:

The right to: – Fair pay
Fair working conditions
Respect and recognition of his services.

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Zeitarbeit International has built up a network of subcontractors & temporary workers in Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Hungary for years for the fields of electrics, electrical engineering, welding, industry, HVAC/GWK, production, logistics & forwarding. Our subcontractors are reliable and competent.

Are you looking for subcontractors electricians from Eastern Europe? We quickly and successfully place personnel from Poland, Romania, Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Make a non-binding request. Our subcontractor teams speak German and can be on site in 7 days.

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