Photovoltaic system cost

Costs for a photovoltaic system Solar panels are a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to generate energy. However, the cost of solar panels is often a barrier to implementing this technology. The cost of solar panels varies greatly depending on what type of system you need and where you buy it. The cheapest way to … Read more

Temporary workers for heating, plumbing wanted?

You are looking for temporary workers heating-sanitary-ventilation? Zeitarbeit International will find for you experienced heating engineers, plumbers, sanitary engineers, ventilation engineers. Temporary workers from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Latvia and other Eastern European countries. If you are looking for a heating-sanitary-ventilation as a temporary worker, then you are right with us! Also qualified subcontractors teams in different sizes for installations and maintenance … Read more

Temporary Employment in the construction industry

Temporary workers in the construction industry wanted ? Temporary employment in the construction & building industry is subject to special rules and regulations in Germany. The hiring out of employees by a temporary employment agency in the main construction industry is prohibited under Section 1b of the German Temporary Employment Act (AÜG). What is permitted? Temporary employment in … Read more

Temporary employment HKLS / GWH

Fitters for heating & plumbing For many years, international temporary employment has become more and more important on the German market. You will be offered craftsmen from Poland, tilers, production assistants or forklift drivers but also fitters for heating and sanitary as temporary staff from Poland and Eastern Europe. But also whole sanitary teams with … Read more

Temporary work – Logistics

Temporary work for logistics Zeitarbeit International is your logistics expert: For more than 20 years, we have specialized in logistics with temporary staffing and contracts for work. Come to us and benefit from our experience and expertise. Find the right logistics employees: order pickers, warehouse assistants, warehouse logistics specialists, packers, forklift drivers, warehouse managers. Thanks … Read more

Personnel within the framework of employee leasing

Zeitarbeit International offers you skilled workers and helpers within the framework of temporary employment from simple production helpers such as pickers, machine operators, shift workers, helpers from Poland, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. If necessary, we can also provide you with locksmiths, welders, metal workers and electricians. Thus, your company is on the safe side with … Read more

Subcontractor mediation

We provide subcontractors and craftsmen from Eastern Europe Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland worldwide. Get an offer without obligation. Our company Zeitarbeit International provides subcontractors with their own tools and vehicles as well as German-speaking foremen. Our teams are hard-working and motivated, no matter if you need helpers or skilled workers from Slovakia or the … Read more

Personnel from Eastern Europe

Temporary work from Eastern Europe is very popular. Our subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia are looking forward to working in Germany. Our workers are registered with our partners in Eastern Europe and then sent to Germany. You are looking for temporary workers or even a reliable Employee leasing from all … Read more

Personnel for logistics wanted?

Are you looking for order pickers, warehouse assistants or forklift drivers from Eastern Europe for your company or logistics center for activities such as loading or goods handling? We are your specialist when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe. We place unskilled workers as well as workers from simple helpers to skilled workers from … Read more